Our Immigration Telephone Advice Service is FREE:


Immigration TELEPHONE advice service - FREE

Designed to establish parameters of the issues in your case and to give a view on whether or not you or your company  would benefit from immigration advice.

Consultation appointment - from £120

The aim of the consultation is for you to receive a thorough understanding of your legal position. I will advise you on what your options are and what steps you can take towards a resolution of your issue. Not only will you receive spoken advice, you will also receive my advice and details of your options in writing.

Application checking service - from £160

The aim of this service is to provide peace of mind to those, who have put together their own application and would like expert advice on any ways their application could be improved before submitting to the the Home Office.

Application Management Service  - from £400 to £1800

This comprehensive service  is for you , if you want  me to complete your immigration application process . It includes preparing the application, advising on documents, preparing legal representations in support and submitting your application to the Home Office or chosen Embassy.